Millenium MX222BX Special

Millenium MX222BX Special

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Producător: Millenium

Cod produs: 108082

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Millenium MX222BX complete 5-pcs. Drum Set containing 12", 13" Toms, 16" Floortom, 22" Bass Drum, 14"x 5 1/2" Metal Snare Drum, included doublebraced Hardware containing a straight Cymbalstand, HiHat Stand, Snare Stand and Single Bass Drum Pedal, included Brass Starter Cymbalset with 14" Hihat and 16"Crash/Ride Cymbal, included Drummer Throne, covered Shells in Color Black, Bass Drum Cusion and Sound Control Rings for Tom / Snare inside, the Magic Entry Drum Set with Fun Guarantee.

Millenium CBS-718 stage series cymbal stand - boom arm, double braced legs, boom arm can be placed inside the stand. adjustable Pipe from 60cm - 100cm.

Paiste 101 series 20" ride - brass material, soft, balanced feel. mellow, controllable ride for multi-purpose applications.

Millenium HB5A, Hornbeam-Drumstick, Woodtip, from european Manufactury, rel solid Quality, Length: 410 mm, Grip Diameter: 14,3 mm, Schaft Diameter: 6 mm, Length Tip: 13 mm.

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