Eurolite Snow 3001 Foam Machine

Eurolite Snow 3001 Foam Machine

446,00 lei

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Producător: Eurolite

Cod produs: 175416

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Eurolite Snow 3001 foam machine, Powerful mini Snowmachine, A lot of "snowflakes" are thrown into the room up to a distance of 2 m, constant snowing creates a foam/snow build up, which dissolves gradually, the dissolution of the "blanket of snow" happens nearly without residues, ideal for a "winter" subject in discos, theatres etc., with bracket for suspended mounting, high quality structure, high quality at a low price, power consumption: 400 W tank capacity: 0.5 l, dimensions (LxWxH): 340 x 215 x 220 mm, weight: 4 kg.

Cod: 175416

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