Shadow AZ48
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Shadow AZ48

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Among jazz guitarists the SHADOW - AZ48 "Atilla Zoller" has long been an insider tip. A special mounting bracket "floats" the pickup practically between body top and strings, its wide magnetic field picks up all the nuances of the play. The result is a overtone rich and balanced sound in all fingerboard positions. Actually a loud single coil but by means of abundant shielding there are no side noises.

  • Humbucker for jazz guitar
  • Warm sound with precise definition, even when playing chords
  • Assembly at the end of the fingerboard
  • Hovers between body top and strings
  • Attila Zoller Design
  • One of the most popular jazz pickups
  • Played, among others by Kevin Eubanks, Jim Hall, Woody Mann and Peter Leitch

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